University Hospital ED Access – Construction Notice

by | Jul 8, 2022

University Hospital is undertaking a construction project to erect a canopy over the ED entrance to provide shelter for EMS vehicles and personnel while offloading. The project is slated to start on July 15th, over the next seven days you may notice some preparations taking place. During this time there will be limited parking for emergency vehicles and patient drop offs. It is our intent to maintain seven dedicated spaces for ambulance offload. There will be times during the project that access will be restricted further, it is our intent to make Emergency Department staff available to help with offload during these times. We will be asking EMS crews to move their vehicles to Elizabeth Blackwell as soon as possible during this project to afford crews the ability to offload.

Parking on Elizabeth Blackwell has been restricted, EMS & public safety agencies should park on the west side, leaving ED patients to park on the east side. There is additional patient parking available on the first floor of the parking garage. Security staff will be monitoring access to the ED lot to ensure ingress / egress is unimpeded. It is expected to impact EMS operations for 6-8 months, we will do our best to keep you informed of changes.

20220708 ED Access Canopy Construction Announcement


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